Be amazed. Be inspired. Be engaged, again.


The green industry calls to most of us for one overriding reason: we love it. Getting our hands dirty, helping people, learning and growing in every sense– we’re the lucky ones. But it’s not always easy to remember that, especially coming out of tough times over the last few years. We’re all here because we listened, we learned and we adapted.

Now it’s time for something new. Because business doesn’t have to be boring, even if it’s serious. And conventions don’t have to be exhausting, even if they’re worth it.

And going away for work can be a good thing if you remember why you want to go back.

Every day you help customers get inspired outdoors; that’s what we intend to do for you. What takes your breath away? Ignites your senses? Reminds you why you chose this field?

Outdoors it will be cold and white, but indoors…all that is colorful, fascinating and entertaining. Yes, it’s still about business. But it’s also about an experience. Come to CENTS be inspired to do what you do even smarter, better and with more enthusiasm.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is CENTS important for me?

This year: it’s to get re-energized with something grand and new.

Always, CENTS is the marketplace to increase your buying and selling power, attend educational seminars, and discover up-and-coming industry developments. Be visible and soak up fresh ideas and emerging trends as a solo act or with your business. As the Midwest’s largest show (and 3rd in the U.S.), CENTS is where you go to be with your people, learn about your issues and this year… be inspired.

Am I right for CENTS?

If you’re part of the green industry in any way–grower, garden center, landscape contractor, landscape maintenance, turf grass and arborist– you’re with us! The show is closed to the general public.

What’s it take to get there?

A small fee to attend, registration and a lovely name badge we provide is all it takes! We recommend a good night’s rest, too, because you’ll work hard and play hard while you’re here. Education, meetings, presentations, parties and fun… we pack a lot in, so you can, too.

Show me the stats.

An independent research company revealed these statistics about CENTS 2013:

  • 99% of attendees like attending CENTS.
  • 91% of exhibitors who attend 3 or more industry shows report CENTS is ranked better or as good as the others.
  • 95% of attendees say they are likely/or very likely to return next year.
  • 85% of 2013 exhibitors have already committed to return.
  • 78% of attendees are decision makers.

The research about CENTS proves we’ve set the stage. We’re handing you the mic. What will you say?