What’s the Big Idea?

Built Strong from the Ground Up

Our industry knows “green” like no one else – new growth, clean environment and money in the bank. We’ve become the oak tree in our profession towering proudly as the largest Green industry convention in the Midwest. We draw people from across the U.S. to meet, learn and buy each year. At CENTS you’ll have 21 hours over three days to interact and share hands-on, face-to-face product demos with your target audience. How will you make it count? According to our statistics, it is solid business when 95% of those who attend get results and come back. Even more, it is a chance to let others do for you and your team, what you do every day: generate a powerful experience.

Why do Industry Pros Exhibit at CENTS?

60% – Sales
47% – Networking
67% – Connect with current customers
20% – Show new products/services
93% of exhibitors said they plan on returning to CENTS in 2015 because of the experience.